Friday, February 17, 2012

A lovely interview with Michele Andree Lemieux...


Photo of Gio MorettiGIO MORETTI, beautiful, mysterious, talented, born and raised in Italy, explorer of music and sounds… She’s traveled far and wide to expand her musical world, but more so to South America, Brazil to be precise where her popularity continues to grow.  Giovanna lives in New York.  Her natural gift, combined with her classical, jazz and world background and vision enables her to create  unique rhythms and a language with or without words of universal beauty.
Gio, welcome and thank you, I sincerely appreciate your participation in this project.  Your journey is so interesting and I want to thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions.

No. 1)  What is music to and for you? (generally and personally)
MUSIC= Mother, Universe, Soul, Infinity, Cure.   I never wanted to be a musician, aGIO web2-13 singer…I believe music choose me one day to travel the world searching for love, peace, space, words, colors….   I sing but I don’t like to introduce myself as a singer.
One day I just became a songwriter, I needed to express myself somehow, put in music and words the feelings inside me.  The Oboe was my first instrument,  before the voice,  but the classical training was too hard for me, so I had to find a different way to enjoy playing this beautiful instrument… I just improvise with it….
No. 2)  What inspires you?
Everything inspires me.  Sounds, rumors,  electric fans, I can hear a note behind and my mind take a place somewhere….. ( I guess I’m on already on the next question……)
No. 3)  When you are singing, creating, where does it take you?  Where does your mind travel?
Yes, I do travel  a lot with my mind, during a concert I always reach a moment where mind and body are not connected anymore …..I take risks, I have to, and sometimes nothing really happens or I think that nothing good really is happening, but I do have moments where I feel some magic surround me and I don’t need to think of a particular melody…the improvisation  happens naturally and even with my eyes closed, I feel connected with the audience, I need my audience, I need to give….
No. 4)  Do you feel music, singing in your case, painting and health are related and if so, how?
Everything is connected, music needs colors, colors are sounds.  I believe music is the cure for most of illnesses.  Nothing better than music can make me happy or melancholic in just a few seconds….  Everybody needs music, it’s like air and water.  Can’t live without music.  Period.
GIO 223561_1954007977084_1449221052_32194770_5006104_nNo. 5)  How do you feel when you are singing?
Every time I feel different.  I definitely feel alive when I sing, however some days I don’t want to sing, but just play or listen to some music or nature around me.  It’s like I need to charge my battery.  Silence is the best place to be sometimes…… ( a little bit difficult to reach during the day with my son banging on his drums ….)…but I get some precious night’s moments where I find peace and I feel myself at home, loved and protected.
No. 6)  Do you identify with your songs and if so, on what level?
My song talks about my life, my loves, my emotions.  They are not political or funny, or commercial songs, sometimes I wish that could be ……to make people think, or react , or just laugh.  But I am a big believer of LOVE, can I say: “ messenger of love? “ ( I hope ….) People need love, and sometimes forget about love….  I need to remind them that love can change everything.  Love and Music go well together, they are the best couple, even when they fight. 
So…..if you want to know about me just listen to my songs, don’t worry if don’t understand Italian or Portuguese or my accent when I sing in English….just let that sound carry you and wrap you.  I’ll would probably stop singing  or writing songs if I was not able to do that anymore….
No. 7)  Under what conditions do you do your best work?
Sometimes you have to look for inspiration to write a good song,  but doesn’t have to be in a quiet place, even a ride on a train could be a great place for some new ideas…..
Most of my best songs came after a break up or during a difficult relationship, it’s good to beGIO CIMG0045 unhappy sometimes, at least you can come up with a good song…
No. 8)  Does singing help you connect with your higher self, whatever that is for you?
The voice inside you is more connected to your higher self.  I personally trust silence to connect myself with my deep feeling or a piece of  music can sometimes move me inside more that singing.  Your voice is an instrument, so…somedays you may not like the sound of your voice, or you can’t easily control your voice and you may not feel so connected.
No. 9)  How do you feel about creativity in the public school system?
Very important!!!  I wrote a music proposal last year for teaching on Pre-schools, Kindergarten and Elementary schools.  I want to introduce something new, something fresh, to make kids love music , feel the music first, and then make music with all the things around….be creative and spontaneous.  But I do believe that you need to love what you do to be creative, so teachers have a big rule to not force their teaching, but to find a delicate and exciting way to introduce concepts, materials, ideas…..
No. 10)  In your opinion, what could be a simple solution to improve creativity in the public school system?
( see above….)
No. 11)  How do you feel about jazz?
GIO web-44I love jazz, I loved jazz, I will always love jazz.  It a part of me, but I don’t belong completely to it.   I always sang jazz standards, listened to Ella Fitzgerald, Al Jarreau to learn how to scat….and fall asleep with some Keith Jarrett’s solo concerts.  Then when I started to write music, I realized that it wasn’t jazz that I belonged with but to a different sound or I was searching for a new sound.
No. 12)  What do you think about improvisation in music?
Not everybody can improvise but it’s good to give a try.  Depending  on what kind a music you can talk about improvisation…..very important in the jazz world, on some kind of world – music, but maybe not so important in a pop song where you may just need to focus on a simple melody, verse and bridge.
I love to improvise during my concert, but I always have to remember myself as not to  exaggerate and keep it simple or to not improvise  very often.  We need improvisations not just in music, but in life too….
Again, thank you so much, Gio, your sharing with us your thoughts and feelings and philosophy.  It has been a pleasure doing this article with you.  Until we work together again, keep well and be blessed!